We are pleased to introduce Reynoutria Lyme Liquid to the Uriel formulary. We hope this will be an important contribution to the support of patients confronted with new onset fatigue, and diffuse chronic symptomology.

Many of the ingredients in this remedy are locally grown and harvested, and are a meeting of Eastern and Western herbs and minerals.

This remedy was formulated through the joint research and collaboration of Dr. Steven Johnson, herbalist Jean-David Derremeux and pharmacist Mark McKibben.

With Reynoutria Lyme, we have attempted to boost resistance to infection and address immune disturbances brought about by chronic infections. For instance, we have used biodynamically grown Reynoutria japonica (Knotweed), Dipsacus sylvestris (Teasel Root) and Astragalus in this remedy. These are often suitable for initial infections. However, we took up indications by Rudolf Steiner to process the hard fruit/flower extract of astragalus and the root extract separately before combining them in a particular proportion in an attempt to create an active process that can be taken up by the immune system in a dynamic way.

Looking further into the tendencies of chronic immune inflammation and neurological manifestations of illness, we added locally grown wild Helleborus niger. Like Mistletoe, it has many immune regulating properties, yet it offers strong anti-inflammatory features and a special relationship to the repairing of the nervous system as well.

We surrounded the above substances with Apis extract, which is often useful and salutogenic, to push chronic inflammation towards resolution. Mid-range potencies of Quartz, Argentum metallicum, Aurum metallicum and Cuprum metallicum were then added to address the threefold human constitution via the minerals. Overall, we have found this formulation supports the healthy reintegration of etheric (fluid) and astral (aeriform) processes in the human organism. Furthermore, it facilitates the healthy regulation and repair of the immune and nerve sense processes.

We have promising initial feedback from dozens of patients with reports of reduced fatigue, joint pain, swelling, headaches and other chronic symptoms. We believe that this remedy can be effective as well as act as initial adjunctive intervention. This remedy is not intended to replace the initial use of antibiotics for acute “symptomatic” infections but has reduced the need for this type of treatment in later stages of illness.


Ages 12 and Older: 10-14 drops 4 times daily, taken for 4-12 weeks; can be taken up to 16 weeks under a physician’s care

Ages 2-9: 5-7 drops daily, taken for 4-12 weeks

Under Age 2: Not recommended; consult your physician