The following protocol was submitted by Dr. Steven M. Johnson, D.O., who is presently using this combination of remedies in the settings mentioned below. The use of these remedies is experimental. These products are for supportive functions only and are not intended to cure or prevent any condition or disease. Further case reports are encouraged.

We live in a time where the concept of immune regulation is taking on a new significance. Questions surrounding the effects of vaccine technologies, hypersensitivity reactions, allergies to foreign substances have many clinicians and researchers concerned. There are also increasing signs of immune dysfunction in the general population, such as reduced incidence of fever in children and adults, infertility, and more chronic inflammatory diseases appearing at younger ages. Below are a few potentized remedies originally formulated by anthroposophic physicians and uniquely prepared to consider in support of these concerns.

In fact, recently we had the opportunity to administer Meteoric Iron Prunus Pellets, Thuja Thymus comp. Pellets and Cinis comp. Liquid to more than 100 individuals before, and after receiving both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The individuals treated were given these three anthroposophic remedies three days beforereceiving a COVID-19 vaccination and two weeks post-vaccination. The median age of this population was 62 years old and the majority of these individuals had more than two co-morbid chronic health conditions. Several had lung, heart and kidney disease. Twelve weeks later, no serious side effects of the vaccine have been reported, including behavioral changes like mental deterioration. Of course, this is not a controlled study but a general case report. Nonetheless, the findings are encouraging. 

homeopathic immune support productsMeteoric Iron Prunus Pellets contain meteoric iron combined with phosphorous and quartzIn anthroposophic medicine, phosphorus has been used to strengthen the “I-organization” and the capacity for self-regulation. Self-regulation is supported by the connection of the regulating capabilities of the “I-organization” with our vital regenerative forces of the “fluid” or “etheric” body of the human being. Phosphorus is used in severe cases of lung inflammation and infection as well as other generalized inflammatory states.

Meteoric iron combined with phosphorous and quartz has proved helpful in anthroposophic clinics for influenza-like illnesses, recovery from severe flu symptoms, lung conditions, and inflammatory illnesses. It has been shown to support immune competence as described in the Vademecum of anthroposophic medicines. 

Thuja Thymus comp. Pellets is a complex remedy with eighteen synergistic substances. This remedy supports the organ systems of excretion and detoxification and stabilizes mucous membranes and tendencies to hypersensitivity and allergic type reactions.

Thuja Thymus comp also supports the thymus gland and healthy immune memory processes. The use of thymus is also intended to help prevent symptoms of reactive auto-immune processes. Thuja has long been used to support healthy lymphatic processes, symptoms of bronchial congestion and support individuals susceptible to infection due to immune compromise. 

Cinis comp. Liquid is a new remedy made with the ash preparations of Quercus (oak), Equisiti (horsetail), Tabaci (Tobacco). Cinis preparations are often indicated to support the physical body during acute hypersensitivity reactions, infections, inflammations, especially when there is a weakness in the physical constitution with other chronic co-morbidities. Cinis preparations are used when there is a severe compromise of particular organ systems. In this formulation, the immune function, kidneys and lungs are considered strongly.


Take each medicine three times a day, three days before an immune challenge, such as receiving a new vaccine or exposure to allergens, and for two weeks following. For adults, 10 pellets/drops are taken three times daily, and for children seven and under, take the same number of pellets/drops as their age three times daily.