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We’re now over a year into the global pandemic that is COVID-19, and even as vaccines roll out, it’s important to keep our immunity up! 
That’s why we’ve put together a selection of three immuneboosting remedies, created specifically for you, during a time where we could all use a little extra support.
Our Meteoric Iron Prunus, Cinis comp. Liquid and Thuja Thymus comp. Pellets are formulated to support your immune system and ease symptoms of various immune responses, including the common cold and flu.


Meteoric Iron Prunus Pellets is a powerful blend that can help fight flu-like symptoms, aid in recovery, and ease lung conditions and inflammatory illnesses. This remedy contains meteoric iron combined with phosphorous and quartz. 

Cinis comp. Liquid supports the body during acute hypersensitivity reactions, infections and inflammations and is especially helpful for those who are immunocompromised.


Thuja Thymus comp. Pellets supports the body’s detoxification system, stabilizes mucus membranes and reduces allergic reactions. Thuja leaves and oil, which come from the Thuja evergreen tree, have long been used to support individuals susceptible to infection due to immune compromise.

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